3 Step Content Marketing Strategy For Automotive Dealers – Car Sales

3 Step Content Marketing Strategy For Automotive Dealers – Car Sales
3 Step Content Marketing Strategy For Automotive Dealers. Selling more cars with content marketing.

Episode 51!
In the past few sessions we have had some super guests discussing some insanely valuable strategies and tactics.
In episode 49 “The Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan said we need to be the “Wikipedia” of what we do. He dove into how big of a mistake dealers are making buy allowing the Edmunds and Cars.com etc. produce all the content.
Check out Marcus Sheridan’s appearance on DPB here.
Then if you heard episode 50 with Convince & Convert founder and best selling author of the book “Youtility” said we don’t need to be the “Wikipedia” about cars, but producing content people are interested in every day. Not just when they are in market.
Check out Jay Baer’s appearance of DPB here.
Do those sound like opposing strategies? Well in this session we dive face first into how you can marry these strategies together and how it will benefit your dealership.
Here is a preview of a easy two step process that will take your content creation to the next level.
1. Google Trends

This powerful tool will help you dial into your specific region and what topics are popular with them online. This is a crucial first step in creating a powerful content marketing strategy. Michael Cirillo breaks down the step by step process in this session.
Get dialed into Google Trends here.
2. Keyword Tool

Once you have done what Michael discusses in the step above you will take that information and plug it into a Keyword Tool. KeywordTool.io is the one Michael is using but if you have another preference you can use that as well. You will learn how a keyword tool works and how you will work into your content strategy.
Michael Cirillo’s favorite keyword tool here.
3. Content Editorial Calendar

Once you have the “hot topics” in your region you need to hammer out the content. Michael delivers some powerful tips to help you create awesome content and how a editorial calendar will make your content strategy better and easier.
That is just a taste of the valuable and actionable content that this episode is packing! Let us I know what you think!

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