Authority Content Marketing Case Study 2016

Authority Content Marketing Case Study 2016

Case Study #1: Compass Pools Australia (CPA) –

Business: One of Australia’s leading in-ground fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer.

CPA spent a day recording a series of videos in which team members spoke on a variety of topics. They invited a few members of staff and some guests to sit in and listen. The main goal of the day was to answer almost every question that a prospect might have before purchasing a swimming pool.

The videos were chopped up into 25+ videos and posted onto their website, along with transcripts, made accessible free of charge to any visitor. By creating a ‘free to anyone’ buyers guide, CPA was able to demonstrate their authority and build trust between the prospect and the business.

One of the side effects was a noticeably increased connection with their customers – probably because of the relaxed, conversational, friendly style in which the video content is delivered. Visitors to CPA’s showroom have even recognised team members from the videos and, on a couple of occasions, have reacted as if they were meeting mini celebrities.

One CPA salesman even went to meet a prospect in their home and was greeted as if he was an old friend. It transpired that the customer had watched the salesman on video some weeks ago and was remembering the experience as if the salesman had previously visited him. This went a long way in selling a k+ swimming pool.
Some of the videos have been gaining great traction on YouTube with additional press releases used to amplify the results. The CPA team have been so thrilled with the results they’re already planning their next round of Authority Content.

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