Content Marketing Strategy | Blogs And Blogging

Content Marketing Strategy | Blogs And Blogging
Content marketing is a fundamental aspect of attraction marketing and blogs are are great content marketing strategy if done correctly. What blogs bring to your content marketing strategy is a way of providing unique content that is relevant to the issues people are hoping to solve as they search the internet for information.

The first thing to do is define the goals for your content marketing strategy. If you are in business the number one reason you should develop a content marketing strategy and a blog as part of that, is to attract potential customers or leads. So the first thing you must do is determine who your target market is and what they are likely to be searching for online. If you are using a content marketing strategy that includes blogs and blogging and you are marketing natural health products, your blog post about the latest in wireless technology won’t attract visitors. You need to determine how what you have solves the problem that prompts them to search online. Then you can design your content marketing strategy to attract them to your blog.

Do some keyword research to determine the exact terms they type into the search bar and tailor your content marketing strategy accordingly. You can optimize your blog posts to include those terms so your blog is included in the search results when people make their searches. It will help design your content marketing strategy if you define the characteristics of your ideal customer. Age, gender, likes, dislikes, income, location, etc. are things to think about when designing your content marketing strategy to market to them.

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In setting up a blog the best option is to purchase a Domain Name, get a hosting account and install WordPress from You can use other free blogging sites but you won’t own the blog and that’s not a ideal for your content marketing strategy. Then install a theme and get creating content.

Your content must be related to both the product or business you are promoting and to what potential leads are searching for. So part of your content marketing strategy development has to be creation of valuable content that solves problems. If your content is optimized for the right search terms, it will rank higher and attract more visitors to your blog content.

Your blog has to have an optin form so visitors who want to know more leave their contact information so you can follow up and market to them. That is the main purpose for executing your content marketing strategy in the first place.

Finally no blogging content marketing strategy is complete without attention to off page optimization. Simply put that’s a process whereby many websites quote the content on your blog and provide links back to your website. This tells the search engines that your site has authority and provides popular content. You get more visitors, more leads, more sales and more money.

If you don’t know how to do all the things I mentioned as requirements of a good blogging content marketing strategy, take heart. Elite Marketing Pro is the place I went to learn and find support for all my marketing efforts. The content marketing strategy I use is video marketing, but training and support for all marketing strategies are available at EMP. Click the link below to get some free training and explore what EMP and I can do for you.

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