Create A Happy Content Marketing Team With CoSchedule

Create A Happy Content Marketing Team With CoSchedule
Need a better way to work with your content marketing team? Try CoSchedule. With CoSchedule, you’ll be able to solve many of the problems your team is experiencing and create efficient team workflow. Sign up for a free trial today at

Video Script:

“Does this look familiar?

Unorganized, messy systems and schedules?

Don’t worry. We have a solution.

Meet Bill.

Bill is the editor of uses WordPress for their daily blog.

They also use the plugin Coschedule to create happy team workflow.

Bill assigns tasks to each member of his team.

Bill assigns the writer a task to write a post.

He assigns the designer, a task to create a graphic for the post.

He will also assign the proofreader, the task of editing.

Bill assigns the social media manager the task of creating and scheduling the social media messages.

If a team member has questions or comments, they can write a note in the comment section.

There they can discuss and problem solve.

As they complete the tasks, each member can then check off their task.

When everything is complete, Bill publishes the blog.

By using Coschedule, is able to organize their tasks, answer questions, and create efficient workflow.

What are you waiting for? This could be you.

Get Coschedule today and have an effective, happy team.”

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