Does Content Marketing Work?

Does Content Marketing Work?
Today we’re going to answer the question, “Does Content Marketing Work?”

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You’ve heard the term content marketing thrown around industry events… your favorite trade magazines… even a few of your close business associates have referenced content marketing as a tool for growing their own business…

But does content marketing actually work?

As new Google updates are constantly changing the rules of search, and social media sites, like Facebook, force businesses to pay more to reach their own customers, it seems that every SEO and Social Media consultant has now become a Content Marketer.

Now you’re feeling pressure to figure out if content marketing will work for your own business.

I understand why you’re still on the fence abound content marketing… There’s so much miss information online about what content marketing is and how it works.

More importantly does content marketing work?

The horrible answer is, It Depends.

The “publish and pray” method, does not work… at least not well enough to produce any time of positive ROI… but this is the advice we hear most often… “just hit publish.”

Bad advice.

On the other hand content marketing done right works everytime.

In a recent study done by the Content Marketing Institute, 42% of B2B companies consider
their content marketing efforts effective, which is up from 36% the year prior.

Why the increase in content marketing effectiveness?

73% responded they’ve added a dedicated professional overseeing their content marketing strategy…

44% responded they have a documented content strategy…

Does content marketing work? Yes. When you treat the process as a revenue generating business function and commit the necessary resources to success.

Need a real life example? I recently finished the 2013 growth report for one of my insurance agency clients… Year over year their revenue grew 14%…

Over the course of that year their digital marketing revenue increased from 1% of revenue to 11% of revenue. That’s 10% growth in revenue from a structured, consistent content marketing campaign.

Content marketing is more than just “publish and pray”?

Start by creating a documented content strategy, assign someone with interest and aptitude to champion your content marketing efforts and then let them get to work.

Content marketing works… it’s just work. But those organizations who put in the work today are going to reap the benefits of growth and market share over the long-term.

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