GShift Web Presence Analytics Software For SEO, Social And Content Marketing

GShift Web Presence Analytics Software For SEO, Social And Content Marketing
Introducing the gShift Web Presence Analytics Platform for Agencies and Brand Marketers (click here to learn more

Do you struggle trying to make sense of all of the data associated with your Web presence while your competitors outrank you? Do you need an easier way to organize and analyze the data that matters most in order to make actionable decisions about how to improve your visibility and attract more prospects? Do you need comprehensive reporting to see how your actions are affecting your results and what progress you’re making?

gShift’s Web Presence Analytics tool is designed to help agencies and brand marketers gain quicker access to and report on the data and insights they need to improve brand discoverability in search and social. Modern digital marketers need to utilize an optimal mix of SEO, Social and Content Marketing strategies in order to establish brand authority and dominance. gShift lives at the intersection of SEO, Social and Content delivering easy to interpret data, insights and reporting.

Accurate, timely data and intelligent insights help to answer the questions:

What Do I Do?

How Should I Do It?

How Do I Measure My Progress?

Today’s SEO begins with Keyword Research to identify how prospects are looking for the brand’s products or services. The next step is ensuring websites and content are structurally sound and keyword rich. Finally, it’s important to understand the breadth of a brand’s Web presence and what factors are enhancing or limiting its overall authority.

Social metrics monitoring, analysis and reporting are crucial to understanding who’s validating the brand’s online authority, where this is happening and to what degree. Marketers must be able to quickly identify relevant influencers associated with specific keywords, as well as how owned, earned and competitive content is being read, liked and shared socially. gShift software enables marketers to monitor all social channels and activities under one umbrella.

The third and most important component of online visibility is optimized content. Brands ultimately establish authority with their desired audience and the search engines by having the most relevant, timely and engaging content. Web presence analytics reveal what and where this content lives within a larger Web presence, so it can be leveraged it to its fullest potential.

Reporting provides detailed historical, comparative and competitive data to address the marketer’s next critical question question How Did I Do?

gShift reports can be white labeled for agencies, custom configured and automated to provide marketers with only the data they are most interested in. Data, which will help them learn and make better decisions about their search, social or content marketing campaigns.

Still not sure where to begin? gShift’s dedicated Client Success Managers will help set up, configure and identify how you and your team can best leverage gShift’s SEO software to achieve your specific online marketing goals.

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