How Blinkist (Sebastian Klein) Used Content Marketing To Bring In 500 New Users

How Blinkist (Sebastian Klein) Used Content Marketing To Bring In 500 New Users
Learn how one piece of content marketing brought in 500 new users for Blinkist. See the complete writeup including more takeaways, resources, and definitions at
In this video, Sebastian Klien discusses content marketing, startup funding, paying salaries, and management consulting. Sebastian’s got some really interesting insights on being focused on monetization from the start, and what it’s been like to adopt parts of the Holacracy management system within Blinkist.

Key Takeaways:
-A Bookworm Turned Management Consultant
-How Differing from Traditional, Stiff-Neck Book Reviews is Boosting Growth
-A Long Build-Up to Success
-How Content Marketing Rocked Their World
-The German Approach to Startup Funding
-Adapting Holacracy
-#1 Hiring Secret: Don’t Hire Someone Until You Work With Them
-Blinkist’s Biggest Hiring Disasters
-Why Jeff Bezos is So Awesome
-Advice to His 21-Year-Old Self
-One Productivity Hack
-One Must-Read Book

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