How To Automate Your Content Marketing (case Study)

How To Automate Your Content Marketing (case Study)

In this session, I walk through the content marketing system I built for my bootstrapped startup over the past 2 years.

But more importantly, I show you how I have automated the entire process, so that I, as the business owner, am not bogged down in all of the time-consuming tasks of creating content and building an audience.

We cover:

1. Goals and objectives (why commit to a content marketing effort?)

2. How we operate the blog, brainstorm topics, manage an editorial calendar

3. How we operate our Email Newsletter, grow the list, and increase engagement.

4. How we promote new content, using social media and other channels.

5. Our guest blogging strategy, and how we gain exposure to new audiences.

6. How all of this is AUTOMATED, systemized, and outsourced (so I can focus on high-level strategy).

7. Ways I’m working to improve, tweak, and expand my content marketing machine in the future…

So what do you think? How are you going about automating your content marketing effort?

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