How To Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy With Lee Odden At SES San Francisco

How To Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy With Lee Odden At SES San Francisco
Jamie O’Donnell, SEO-PR, interviews Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing, on the subject of content marketing at SES San Francisco 2010. Marketers typically try to capture content based on demand, according to Lee. But in using a content marketing strategy, marketers should be identifying buyer personas and analyzing the information consumption needs and preferences of consumers, and optimize for it. Lee describes it as putting the customer first rather than the behavior first. Lee says in order to create a content marketing strategy marketers must create an editorial plan, similar to a publisher, and know first how they are going to promote it once it is published. Then Lee describes the various search channels that marketers must integrate into their online content marketing strategy starting off with Google and YouTube. Then it’s a battle between the number of queries logged by Twitter and the various third party real-time applications such as TweetDeck, plus search engines, Yahoo and Bing.

Lee then elaborates on the possible reasons why marketers have been late into the game when it comes to integrating the social media platform, YouTube, as part of their overall content marketing strategy. To implement an effective content marketing strategy, Lee says businesses must become familiar with the search results for their target keyword phrases and constantly monitor the search and social media landscape to see what is being featured about them and their products.

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