How To Create A Compelling Content Marketing Strategy

How To Create A Compelling Content Marketing Strategy
On this episode of SBI Sales and Marketing Video Podcast, we discuss how to build a successful content marketing strategy. Visit for more information about SBI.

00:19 Introduction
02:42 Designing content marketing goals for your marketing and sales teams
08:34 Finding where your target audience consumes content
13:09 How a content audit will help you assemble a better marketing strategy
17:43 Discovering the content your buyers are interested in
19:45 Keeping organized while developing your content marketing strategy
27:20 How to incorporate trigger events into your strategy
32:14 Distribute your content according to your marketing plan
34:59 What portions of your content plan that you should test
39:54 Elissa’s takeaways for developing a scalable content marketing strategy
44:09 Wrap up

SBI Sales and Marketing Video Podcast Episode Summary:

Greg Alexander, CEO of SBI, interviews Elissa Fink, the chief marketing officer at Tableau, about how she develops a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Elissa and Greg take us step-by-step through developing a marketing plan for each aspect of your team, while using examples from her own company to guide the process. We examine the market research needed to make a successful marketing strategy, including content audits, trigger events and distribution practices.

We then talk through developing a calendar and an organizational system for the marketing strategy, to ensure all aspects of it are covered by the correct team members. Finally, we take you through turning your strategy into an executable marketing plan, and how to include your research into your planning process.

Ready to Make Your Number?

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