How To Create Compelling Content | KickFire Marketing | Marketing Agency Utah

How To Create Compelling Content | KickFire Marketing | Marketing Agency Utah
How to Create Compelling Content

Would you like to attract more ideal clients and customers. Learn how you can create compelling content to build your brand and band of loyal raving fans.

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Hello, welcome to video. Of course we have to do video for a great way to create compelling content.

In this video I’m going to cover the final three keys to creating compelling content. Now, these are very simple and they’re here in bold for you. Your content, if you want it to be compelling, it needs to be timely, relevant, and/or helpful, and it’s best if you can combine all three of course. But, any of these, if your content is timely, it’s going to be great. If it’s relevant, great. If it’s helpful, super great. If it’s timely, relevant, and helpful, you’ve just scored like a grand slam.

Alright, so be thinking about what you could create for your ideal clients or customers. In fact, that’s what I’m going to leave you with right now. My final piece of this blog post is to leave you with a challenge. Just remember, every piece of compelling content needs to have a call to action, or an invitation to act, or a challenge. So today, if you don’t have your pens handy, I’ve got it right here.

Your challenge or invitation for this week is, I want to first know how compelling is your current content. Some of you may not even be creating content on a regular basis. You’re going to need to go back and listen to that song about your content creation calendar and the importance of creating a content creation calendar. You’ve got to be committed to it right?

So now if you’ve decided, you know what, I do have compelling content, then I want to give you a thumbs up, a high five, a big old pat on the back. But if you’re thinking, you know what my content really stinks, then now’s your chance to step it up. Start being more helpful. In fact, if you don’t want to be timely or relevant, be helpful, I mean, that ones the cure all for crappy content. Just be helpful, all right?

So what is something you could create content wise that would be timely, or relevant, or helpful for your target market? Remember this is your challenge for this week, or your invitation to act. So, some ideas, be thinking of what kind of tutorial or “how to”, what is it that you do? We’ve covered this in our podcasts, talked about it quite at length, but show them how to do it, right? I’m showing you guys how to create compelling content. I show you on other videos how to create great video, how to, I mean, that’s all we do on Pyromaniantics. We are committed to showing you all the ways that you can light up your business.

Alright, create a guide or a cheat sheet. People love stuff like that, bullet points, right? Answer some of the most commonly asked questions. We call them frequently asked questions. Or I like SAQs too, which is, or you should ask questions, because just because it’s not a frequently asked question doesn’t mean it’s not a good question that as a person in your industry you know questions that your clients should be asking. So a great blog post or any type of content that would be really compelling would be your SAQs.

Tips and tricks, I love doing tips and tricks of the trade, so you know, stay tuned for some of those. I’d probably make some infographics for that or an industry report. So be thinking. These are some ways as we talked.

Now, so your first challenge is, I want you to be thinking about what is something you could create content wise that would be timely, relevant, or helpful for your target market. So your challenge is two fold. Are you ready for the second part? If you need more time to think about that you can pause the video.

When you’re ready, here’s the second part of your challenge or invitation to act. I want you to try a new content creation avenue, some new way to convey your content. So that means if you’ve been a blogger historically, I want you to try an infographic or a vlog, a video blog. If you’ve been video blogging try a podcast or try making an infographic or a comic strip or a drawing.

I kind of listed the ones we talked about in our blog today. So all those different things, you know that music one was super fun. I obviously didn’t sing it, but getting a musician to put that together for me was really fun to collaborate with. So guys that’s it, the summary, I’m trying to keep these short and sweet because I have a tendency to go on and on. But remember, creating compelling content, you can do it. It’s a great way to build an audience. You’ll build a band of loyal raving fans. So here’s to lighting up your business with some killer compelling content. Thanks for watching. Ciao!

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