Marketing Minute 002: ‘The Brand Experience’ (Content Marketing) #MarketingMinute

Marketing Minute 002: ‘The Brand Experience’ (Content Marketing) #MarketingMinute
On today’s Marketing Minute: We hear a lot about the “customer” experience, but not as much about the “brand” experience. The brand experience is not just the technical aspects of your interactions with a particular brand, but the feelings or emotions surrounding those interactions.

These feelings or emotions are most likely the deepest contributors to peoples’ attitudes toward our brands.

In the case of live brand interactions, we can continually adjust our actions/inputs into the experience so our customers can have more positive attitudes. But with asynchronous interactions (e.g., many social media interactions), the content we originally develop plays a more significant role in the other person’s brand experience.

Once we recognize that brand interactions involve content, we start to see the importance of having content that’s both meaningful and memorable.

The take-away: Meaningful, memorable content is a key success factor for positive brand experiences.

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