Neil Patel Interview – Outstanding Content Marketing And White Hat SEO

Neil Patel Interview – Outstanding Content Marketing And White Hat SEO
Neil Patel is a top online marketer and founder of some very popular online marketing tools such as Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Neil is well known for his great blog posts and content marketing which he uses to grow his own business and his clients businesses.

He’s exceptionally good at creating incredible content that goes viral all over the internet, drawing in massive traffic and getting ranked high in the search engines as a consequence. In this interview he shares his secrets…

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Joey Bushnell: Hi, welcome to The Online Marketing Show! This is Joey Bushnell, today I have a very special guest with me, his name is Neil Patel and he is a very famous internet marketer. Go to to find out more about Neil.

Neil, thank you for being on the show with me today.

Neil Patel: No problem, thank you for having me.

Joey Bushnell: Neil, how did you get into this industry?

Neil Patel: Sure, I got into this industry because when I was younger I started my first website and I thought if you put a website up online you automatically get traffic to it. I was really naive, I didn’t know any better but I ended up learning that you have to market your site online, just like how you would market your offline business and I didn’t have a ton of money so I had to learn how to do it myself.

Joey Bushnell: You said you were young when you started learning this stuff, how old were you?

Neil Patel: Around 16

Joey Bushnell: Wow OK, so you’ve been at it a long time!

Today we are going to be talking about various traffic and online marketing topics.

My first question is… On your website you talk about being a growth hacker rather than a marketer, can I ask what is the difference between a growth hacker and a marketer?

Neil Patel: Yes, as Sean Ellis says, a growth hacker is someone who has their nose that points true north. A a growth hacker, let’s break it down without using too many complicated terms, but in marketing you’d be like “Let’s rank my site in Google to get traffic and let’s grow that way” there are many ways to grow a business. You can also grow a business by modifying your product. Such as if you want more space in DropBox but don’t want to pay for it, you can invite more members. Or if you’re on YouTube and you want more people to watch your videos you can create and embed code so people can embed videos on their site. Those are all examples of how you are leveraging a product to cause engagement and users and make more growth in essence.

Joey Bushnell: You’ve worked with some top companies Neil, some huge websites that we’ve all probably heard of. Can you tell us what you are doing to drive traffic to these major websites?

Neil Patel: The big thing is, there is on page SEO. You’ll be shocked how many of these big companies mess up on the basic things like not knowing how to correctly optimize their title tags or they have to put better descriptions on every page.

The other thing we help them with is content marketing. How to write the content, get it out there, promoting it via social media and all those types of things, that way the content spreads and creating infographics, so on and so on.

Then we also help with conversion optimization because a lot of them have visitors but they aren’t converting a lot of them. So we look at what is causing people not to covert, how can we modify elements on the page, the copy whatever it might be, to maximize conversions.

Joey Bushnell: So who are these big sites and companies that you work with?

Neil Patel: I’ve worked with quite a few different sites over the years… Tech Crunch, Amazon, Zappos, NBC, MTV, General Motors, Walmart, Microsoft.

Joey Bushnell: Wow that’s incredible, hats off to you Neil, that’s quite an impressive clients list you have there!

One thing I noticed you are quite good at and especially on your site, is as you mentioned content marketing. So what does it take to get mass traffic to a piece of content because a lot of people are creating content but it’s not going viral, people aren’t taking much notice of it. So what do you do differently?

Neil Patel: So one thing is you need to make sure the content piece is exceptionally good. There are too many people doing content marketing these days and unless it’s extremely good it’s not going to do well.

The next thing is you have to promote it. People spend all their time creating the content but they don’t spend anytime promoting it. You should be spending 50% off the time promoting it.

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