Online Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing How To

Online Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing How To

Effective Online Marketing Strategies:

Good Content and Accurate Content Promotion

Content marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies that does not resemble any form of marketing at all, at least not on its face. With content marketing, you market your content, not the product. Today’s entrepreneurs no longer think that this approach is absurd. In fact, this is one of the most effective strategies there is, particularly because salesy ads tend to turn people off, and content offers a host of advantages that customers do not get with traditional advertising.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Information as commodity

Content marketing is effective because people are drawn to information they can use. Information is as much a commodity these days as good products are. When people receive useful information that they do not have to pay a dime for, it is easy for them to come back so the can get more. This appeal makes marketing with good content an effective tool in ultimately drawing potential customers’ attention to the product.

Flexibility, utility and entertainment

Without good content as an integral part of your advertising campaign, you face an uphill battle because there is nothing you are offering the reader apart from the product. Even if you do have a spectacular product on your hands, you are competing with other retailers and providers that offer the same product and may even have a better promotional tactic that you do. Content is very flexible since you can tailor it to be as specific or as broad as you like, as long as you offering the benefit of information and even a bit of useful entertainment to readers and potential customers.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy with Content Marketing and Paid Advertising

As good as your content is, your target client will not stumble on the product by accident. It takes a good marketing strategy to hawk your products and services in a way that makes them visible to your target population. This is where paid advertising comes in handy. While content marketing is already a powerful tool by itself, it becomes more of a juggernaut when paired with paid advertising using popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Bing Pay Per Click.

Facebook offers advertisers sponsored stories that are posted on the feeds of users who are more likely to read them. Paid Facebook features can help lead readers to opt in pages or subscribe pages for email leads that are essential for creating leads. Twitter promotes paid tweets to people who are more likely to be interested in the promoted product or those more likely to take on the action such as take part in sales and giveaways and share links to blog posts. Twitter has also been found to be very effective in driving leads using lead generation cards.

Pay per click is a very practical option since paid content is integrated inside the publisher’s layout of content in a way that is unobtrusive and does not disrupt from the usual way of browsing on that website or page. Brands pay to have this content placed in front of more eyes by choosing websites that have a reader population that is also likely to patronize the services or products offered by that brand. This strategy enhances content personalization since users who regularly visit a website are more likely to read a sponsored post that is still closely related to the content of the site that they regularly visit.

Content creation is different from content promotion. The best content that your customers will benefit greatly from is worth nothing if it is not promoted well. Paid advertising puts content marketing at an advantage because paid advertising is often delivered as a seamless part of browsing experience. When you utilize promoted tweets or sponsored Facebook posts or pay for your content to be featured on Youtube, you are embedding your content in the natural browsing environment of potential customers. Paid advertising rides on the coattails of search engine algorithm that tailors the kind of advertisements to the browsing habits of the searcher, which means you get more access to users that have looked or are looking for the type of product or service you provide. This ability to pair your products with the people who are most likely to buy them is what make paid content marketing strategies so effective.

Integrating good content is a powerful approach to any business. Paired with paid advertising from the most popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Bing and Twitter, you get a very effective marketing strategy with the potential to create lasting brand awareness and loyal customers.

Online Marketing Strategies


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