Slideshare For Content Marketing :: Magnet Minute

Slideshare For Content Marketing :: Magnet Minute
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This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy discusses the social media content marketing platform Slideshare, on which you can easily share slides and presentations with your audience.

Although the convenience of having a place to host your Powerpoint presentation online is great enough, this network is even more useful that that if you dig a little deeper. The amount of amazing content being saved on Slideshare is incredible, especially when you think about all of the professional speakers using it to share their slides.

Slideshare is another great medium for sharing content and promoting your brand. It’s not only helpful for in-person attendees, who take in your presentation but want to revisit and take notes later, but it’s also helpful for those who couldn’t be there to hear you speak, as they’ll have the materials at the ready.

But the best part about Slideshare is that, given you’ll likely want to add this presentation to your website, all slideshows are embeddable to help with that. This makes it easier for your network to share in your brand and your work.

But it’s not just about promoting your stuff. You can also search for amazing content put out by others on Slideshare. Do a search for a specific topic and find your favorite slideshows to curate on your blog or site and quickly create a great resource.

Definitely make sure you’re filling out your profile on Slideshare to the fullest extend, so that when you add your presentations, the followers on the network can easily learn more about how to get in contact with you and stay tuned for your next uploads by following.

One great example of a successful slideshare upload was done by author Mitch Joel, who was in the process of promoting a book. He added a presentation about 25 Mind Blowing Facts About Business Today and within a matter of just weeks, it received more than 100,000 views. It was a great strategic move for promoting his materials and brand.

Slideshare is free but you may want to consider upgrading to a pro level (for a fee) to get have more analytics at your disposal, including lead tracking.

Are you using Slideshare? How are you working to grown your brand with the network?

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