The 3 Content Marketing Keys For L’Oreal Paris, Part 2

The 3 Content Marketing Keys For L’Oreal Paris, Part 2
How does L’Oreal Paris maintain these pillars?

Active social listening

How does L’Oreal Paris learn about their audience? By keeping their eyes and ears on their social platforms. Social listening is a huge way the brand stays connected with their audience and relevant with the topics they plan to cover. Getting real time feedback from their customers – and responding to that feedback – are critical touchpoints for a relevant and successful content marketing strategy

Measuring success of content marketing strategies

While it varies from campaign to campaign, the basic idea remains; success for L’Oreal is defined by making sure they are seen as the most fashionable and approachable beauty brand on the market. For how-to videos and DIY, metrics such as time spent on page and viewer feedback (comments) are observed to provide realistic insight into the content’s success. For larger strategies, such as for Project Runway, it gets trickier to define success. However, the basic philosophy is to set up their presence at the event that ensures they are positioned as the main brand associated with beauty and fashion.

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