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What Is Content Marketing | Content Marketing Strategies | Optimized Content Marketing | ClickTecs
Consumers are accessing information online in ways they had never used before. Technology is playing an ever increasing and integral part of our daily lives. In today’s technology rich environment, consumers research information using Search Engines rather then relying on radio, newspapers, magazines and other forms of traditional media.

In the new normal, savvy consumers use online media such as websites, email, blogs, social networks and online tools to communicate and share with their peers.

Some companies have started testing SEO, and others may be doing some Social Media. If you are publishing content, then you may unknowingly be doing content marketing. These three commonly used marketing tactics, when executed together on a consistent basis can produce some really great results and it is what smart marketers have figured out. Conveniently named ‘Optimized Content Marketing’.
Lets begin by reviewing these 3 common marketing tactics in greater detail.
Content Marketing is the oldest and newest form of marketing — getting a lot of attention and is really defined as,

“… the art of understanding exactly what your prospects and customers need to know. Then delivering that content to them in a relevant and compelling way to grow your business”
–The Content Marketing Institute
Search Engine Optimization can be thought of as optimizing each page to rank higher in the search engines. The perfectly optimized page is constructed according to Google’s webmaster guidelines. We create the page and focus on website usability and internal architecture. These pages also target “long tail” searches that will bring a steady stream of visitors looking for the relevant content that you are providing. Adding content regularly will create an asset out of your website.
Last but not least is Social Media, basically a conversation using the social networks.
When you combine these three commonly used marketing tactics (SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing), you can produce some really fantastic results.
Optimized Content consists of: web copy, press releases, blogs, case studies, white papers, how-to-guides that have all be written and optimized for the keywords your prospects are using to try to find your business, and more importantly keywords that are driving traffic and conversions.
Therefore, Optimized Content Marketing, can be thought of as,

“…the art of understanding exactly what your prospect and customers need to know and deliberately producing optimized content based on keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions. Then delivering that optimized content in a relevant and compelling way to grow your business by socializing the content through your organization’s social networks.”
–Krista LaRiviere, gShift Labs
This is a game-changing attitude shift. Expect more businesses to change advertising spending away from “more and more” leads to focusing on reaching fewer, but more targeted and qualified lead pools. Expect some companies to crack the code in how to use social media and targeted PR to drive traffic and improve search positions in order to fill their pipeline. In addition expect some to make more strategic investments in creating content to keep leads engaged throughout the process.
Where does one begin with Optimized Content Marketing?
I would suggest start with questions about your audience. Who they are and what they want. Next, figure out the keywords using a keyword research tool and remember you can filter the data and get to what a mobile searcher is looking for as well. Obviously they search differently and expect different things.

Finally, Publish content and push it out on the social channels using your website or your blog as a hub.
Remember that SEO and Social Media work together. Just adding pages and pages of content as an SEO strategy doesn’t cut it anymore. Social Media is the new way
to take your SEO strategy to the next level. Social Media increases the number of high quality links and targeted traffic, and obviously social signals are playing a more and more important role in the Google algorithm.
Optimized Content Marketing just so happens to be what Google is looking for.

Did you hear the one about the 2 pandas and the penguin?
These are the recent updates that Google has done to it’s algorithm, in addition to 500 other minor changes in the last 12 months alone. Optimized Content Marketing is the most natural way to produce non-spammy backlinks, social signals and fresh relevant content.
You may have heard the old adage, ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’. Well not in this age, competition online is fierce. The slow and steady won’t win the race because ‘Fast and Consistent, always beats slow and steady’.
You need to get on with your optimized content marketing strategy today. Keep in mind that others have been doing this for years, so you are actually playing catch up.

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