Best SEO Tools: 14 Free And Paid Tools For Search Engine Optimization Domination

Best SEO Tools: 14 Free And Paid Tools For Search Engine Optimization Domination
The best SEO tools with free and paid software that gives you an unfair advantage over your competition Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced SEO, you’re going to need the best search engine optimization tools to spy on the competition and gain an advantage – if you’re not doing it your competition will be.

We cover keyword research tools, competitive analysis software, backlink analysis tools, SERP tracking options, backlink building techniques, VPNs and PBNs…basically all the major tools for search engine optimization domination that you’ll require.

I review the best SEO tools that I use every day, many of them are free with no software download required. Some options covered here are paid tools, but don’t worry costs start at per month, so there are SEO software options for SEOs of all budgets and levels.

One of the most critical things an SEO can do is keyword research – this video covers two powerful keyword research tools that can not only change the way you work but find you ways to make money. Competition analysis is also amazing if you know how to do it well – again we’ve got a great tool for SEOs and SEMs. If you run a blog, you’re an affiliate marketer or you are into client SEO, the tools I cover here are essential.

Search engine optimization software is a broad term and there isn’t one provider that does everything so SEOs need to utilize a variety of tools to get the job done properly. These are the absolute essential pieces of SEO equipment that you’re going to need in your arsenal:

1. A keyword research tool (Google Keyword Planner is entry level these days)
2. A backlink checking tool to spy on the competition and copy their links
3. A SERP tracking tool to monitor your progress/generate client reports
4. A VPN if you’re working with PBNs
5. A consistent way to build backlinks reliably and safely

Gett Clicks is an SEO agency, so we have used most of the tools for SEO available on the market. We can’t include every tool for SEO we’ve ever used in this video or you’ll fall asleep, but these are some of the tools that the team felt we had to include.

You don’t need to over complicate SEO. Half the challenge is getting started – avoid paralysis by analysis – you’re going to screw up no matter what you do…it’s the best way to learn. The best SEO software is going to help, but the person using it is the one that matters most. Check out our other videos on search engine optimization techniques, tools and tricks that can help you progress in your SEO / SEM career.

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