Etsy SEO | Increase Etsy Sales With A Free SEO Tool

Etsy SEO | Increase Etsy Sales With A Free SEO Tool
Etsy SEO, or the process of ranking on Etsy search pages, is one of the most important parts of setting up an Etsy shop. Without the right terms (keywords) to include in your titles and tags, your page won’t show up at the top when buyers go to look for your type of product. You can fix this problem simply by researching your keywords. If you find terms that buyers search for which relate to your product then your chances of being found by shoppers go way up. If shoppers find your shop, then your shop views go up and you get more sales (Assuming that your products have been photographed properly).

This videos covers the basic of Etsy SEO, researching keywords, and how to use a free tool called Market Samurai to gather a list of profitable terms. We will discuss these principles in more depth in the coming Handmade Seller magazine issues. Be sure to subscribe to learn more about ranking on Etsy!

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