How To Use Plagiarism Checker

How To Use Plagiarism Checker
This Solid SEO Tools plagiarism checker video will teach you how to use the online plagiarism checker for detection of plagiarized school papers, articles and news.

The plagiarism checker tool will scan your content and check it from where it is copied and where the same content is available. It will do this by showing you the results along with a link that points to the exact plagiarism match.

How to use Plagiarism Checker:

Step 1 – visit

Click on Plagiarism Checker

Step 2- Load your copy

.You can either upload a document with these supported formats (Supported Format: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt), add a website link or copy an paste the text you want scanned with the online plagiarism checker.

Step 3- Choose a search engine

This allows you broader search capabilities to fined text that may be plagiarized.

Step 4- Image Verification

Type in the combination of words and click “Check For Plagiarism”.

Step 5- Text Verification

The plagiarism checker tool will begin to work its magic and find all plagiarized copy and show you the sources from where the text was plagiarized.

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