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Hi and welcome to the NetComber introduction Video!

is the world’s only global website fingerprinting database. This means we tell you who really owns what sites on the net. Simply type in a domain name and we show you other domains owned or developed by the same people.

This is not just another whois. If website owners want to hide, they can easily anonymise their whois data. NetComber uncovers the usually hidden relationships between websites.

We have crawled over 200 million sites and gathered information about hosting location, network infrastructure , account ID’s and even coding style. We then match these attributes to provide a comprehensive picture of the domain owner’s portfolio.

NetComber was created by Andre Weyher, former Googler from the Search Quality team and a group of passionate web miners and developers with over 20 years of experience.

In today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape you need detailed and up-to-date information. We will tell you when a potential partner turns into a direct competitor. We will tell you the quality of a potential linking partner’s network because you can bet that Google already knows. We will tell you what your competitors are planning next and we’ll make you the smartest guy in the room.

Watch this. Type in into our search box and you’ll see their brands, all websites owned by BP and what’s this? Is this some new project of theirs? I bet Shell would be interested.

We do all kinds of sites, in all markets and in all languages. So get in and start learning.

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