NicheBuilder Website Builder, Keyword Tool, Domain Manager, Content Manager, & SEO Tool

NicheBuilder Website Builder, Keyword Tool, Domain Manager, Content Manager, & SEO Tool

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NicheBuilder is a all-in-one solution for putting your business onto the Internet.

Most people come to the Internet looking to start a business or to bring their current business current with some sort of internet presence.

Unfortunately, for most people, the first thing they try to do is build a website. Having a website is a good thing, but it’s only the beginning. You really need so much more than that. The website is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire puzzle.

If we were to use an analogy, let’s use the analogy of a car. A car has some specific parts to it. There are the four tires and wheels, the engine, the gas, the seats, the steering wheel, license plate, the brakes and the windshield. So now let’s take each of those parts and relate them to a successful online business.

In order to make your business run you’re going to need gas. So gas, will be the traffic that comes in to your funnel. Notice I said funnel, not website.

Next you’re going to need to do something with that traffic (or gas), so the next step is going to be the engine. The engine, in our case is going to be the first interaction with the client. This can come in the form of opt in boxes or a squeeze page. whatever the first form of contact with the customer is.

Your website, would be the interior of the car everything that the user would normally feel, touch, and experience throughout the process of visiting your website, or sitting in your car.

Your license plate could be compared with your domain name. This is how people looking for your car and can reference you.

Your windows in the car would be similar to search engine optimization, because those are what help other drivers see you. And your breaks would be similar to (split) testing because they would help you change up the process if something wasn’t converting properly.

As you can see from this analogy, the website is just one part of the equation. You really have to have everything dialed in, not just a website.

Too many people get started on the Internet only to find themselves frustrated when their website alone is not raking in the big bucks right out of the gate. They aren’t getting any traffic, or the traffic they get isn’t doing anything.

Instead of quitting, which is what many people often do. What they should do is take a step back, take a deep breath, and come on over to NicheBuilder to see what steps and processes they might be missing.

By having all of the necessary components in one place, like one address with NicheBuilder, a person can rapidly grow their business from basically nothing to a complete Internet marketing funnel within a matter of hours.

If you would like to see for yourself just how flexible and useful the number one website building, content managing, domain managing, keyword tool and SEO tool can be, then start right now and discover the power of NicheBuilder for yourself.

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