Search Console Helper – The #1 Keyword Tracking SEO Tool For Google

Search Console Helper – The #1 Keyword Tracking SEO Tool For Google
Search Console Helper is a SEO tool that extends the capability of Google Search Console and Google Analytics with more data, advanced filtering options and the ability to keep historical data beyond 90 days.

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If you are a SEO professional or a digital marketing agency managing multiple client sites… or you are the owner of a large website, you know that it is harder and harder to properly manage your Google rankings because there is less and less reliable data available.

At the same time, Google Search and, consequently, SEO is getting more and more complex.

This, at best, leaves you guessing when it comes to keeping accurate track of your Google rankings.

At worst, it makes you rely on limited or flawed 3rd party solutions that get their data from who-knows-where.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way!

And, that’s exactly why we built Search Console Helper!

With Search Console Helper, you can see exactly what pages are ranking for what keywords in Google…
… in 200 countries
… on 3 types of devices
… for 3 search types

… using data obtained directly from Google

Because once you can see what’s broken, you can fix it. And, Google will reward you with more visitors from organic search.

Ok, so what do you get when you use Search Console Helper?

You get detailed data on exact impressions, clicks and click-through rates for an unlimited number of keywords and unlimited number of websites. Forget the 1000 data rows limit that you keep hitting in GSC. Search Console Helper can retrieve up to 5000 rows of data per request and repeat requests up to 200 times per minute. So, you end up with the complete data set for all your websites.

You will be able to integrate of any of Google Analytics’ 100’s of dimensions and metrics with any of Google Search Console’s Search Analytics data. So, you can see exactly how your organic traffic is performing on your site.

Once retrieved, you get to keep all data, forever. Forget the 90-day limit in Google Search Console. Only with Search Console Helper you can analyze month-on-month or year-on-year performance, even going years into the past.

You will be able to create and save keyword filters. So, you can, for example, easily compare performance of branded keywords to the non-branded ones, saving you hours of precious time from your busy schedule.

You will be able to use pre-configured calculations that will show you the best and worst performers–pages or keywords, identify query cannibalization issues and much more. So, the daily management of your web properties will take you minutes instead of hours.

You will be able to manage and fix any URL crawl errors in seconds, right from Search Helper’s interface.

You will be able to quickly analyze your backlink profiles. In fact, with Search Console Helper’s backlink crawler, you will be able to capture and analyze not just backlinks, but the entire HTML code of the pages that link to you. So, you will know exactly what kinds of links you are getting and from where.

Additionally, all data is stored directly on your computer. So, it’s not only super-safe and completely anonymous. But, you don’t even need Internet connection to work with the data. Did I mention it’s also super-fast?

And, we made it super-easy for you to get started, right now!

Almost too easy.

Download and install the fully-functioning version of Search Console Helper Pro for free, right now, connect to Google and you’re ready to go!

Yup, that’s a 3 minute setup time!

So, why not try Search Console Helper for free for the next 30 days? It’s on us! And, grow your organic traffic like never before!

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