SEO: Should I Track Rankings? Are Rank Tracking Tools Accurate?

SEO: Should I Track Rankings? Are Rank Tracking Tools Accurate?
The Ultimate List Of Rank Trackers

Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker
Track rankings across different cities.

Authority Labs
The most accurate daily rank tracker I know of.

SEO Metrics Whiteboard Friday
Great video on the landscape of SEO metrics and how to best view them.

Original Question
I am currently using hubspot, authority labs, awr, and moz to track a bunch of keywords across numerous sites. Clients pay for all the different tools so I just use a bunch of them…

Do you think ranking data is still a good metric to track? For example, one of my clients has a main office and smaller offices in 10 different cities. So, we are tracking local for each city and universally. But I question whether the data is valid due to personal search, contextual, devices etc. Also, does this give the client the wrong thing to focus on? Should they be worried about ranking for X keyword or more about the one-time searches that brought in most of the business?

Another example. I work with a start up that has over a million pages of content on their site. They bring in traffic from a massive amount of keywords. Should I try to track keywords individually here? Or focus more on sectors? Or just focus on organic traffic? These guys want to rank for tens of thousands of keywords.

I am really just trying to figure out a strategy with rank tracking software. They last thing I want is clients worried about keyword X that may or may not actually be profitable. A few years ago I was all about tracking rankings but I am questioning my efforts.

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