SerpWorx – The Ultimate SEO Tool

SerpWorx – The Ultimate SEO Tool
SerpWorx is the ultimate SEO tool. It provides 30+ SEO metrics all right within your Google search results. Empower your browser today and start doing SEO the easier way with SerpWorx.

SerpWorx was created out of the absolute necessity to do SEO in a faster, more transparent and more efficient way. SEO is all about outranking your competition in the Google results, but how can someone do that without knowing exactly what the site above is doing for their SEO?

The old way of doing SEO is to use half a dozen different browser based tools, all of which require paid memberships. You need to navigate away from the original search results to login, then you have to analyse and decipher mountains of data in the form of meaningless graphs and pretend to understand strange acronyms. In the end you end up no clearer because of the information overload.

SerpWorx empowers users to cut through the noise and know instantly why a website ranks where it does. All of the most important SEO metrics are now available to the user right in their Google search results. There is no need to navigate away, no need for paid 3rd party tools or websites and most of all, the most valuable SEO metrics are now right there where you just searched!

Included as part of the toolbar metrics are:

– Majestic SEO
– SEM Rush
– ahrefs
– On page metrics
– Social Metrics
– And much more

There is absolutely nothing that even comes close to the SerpWorx toolbar. No other SEO tool allows you to see such a vast array of critical SEO metrics in such a short amount of time.

SerpWorx is the culmination of years of SEO passion and was made possible by a dedicated team of developers and industry experts. Grab your copy today:



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