Some New Favorite SEO Tools Free And Paid

Some New Favorite SEO Tools Free And Paid
If you’re a follower of Houts Graphics you know I’m doing video’s fairly regularly for promoting and I have been going back and forth for the tools to use to create videos for a while. I go over the tool I’ve more than just settled on. I’ve fallen in love with it.

You also probably know that I tend to use just Google and adwords keyword planner for keyword research along with a couple plugins to see competition. That’s been changing I go over Market Samurai for a bit, and I even go over a tool I have been using to check out YouTube video competition.

VidIQ is a huge time saver for me when looking at videos and what I can get ranked in YouTube and eventually Google.

The video creation tool is called biteable and it runs about 0/yearly so for the quality of videos it creates its a bargan. I don’t pay for VidIQ I just run out of usage pretty regularly when I do analysis. I know the paid version also does tag suggestions and some more things. I should probably go ahead and grab it but I still haven’t yet. Market Samurai was around and well worth it. I think its also yearly but that may even be a one time payment.

My quick and dirty rank checker that I use pretty regularly is I absolutely love it, It doesn’t do reporting, it doesnt’ let you send stuff to clients, or import search volumes for you. It just checks ranks. I did make a spreadsheet that I could report with it if I cared to but I have another tool I use more often for that.

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