08 How To Analyze Competitor’s Social Media For SEO

08 How To Analyze Competitor’s Social Media For SEO
08 How to analyze competitor’s social media for SEO talks about researching competitor’s social media interaction. Created by (one of Australia’s most affordable search engine optimization service providers) this video lessons explains how to analyze the engagement of online competitors.

Almost all of the social interaction and intelligence gathering platforms on internet give you research data in its visual form. You can save time and better understand what your competitors are doing on their social media marketing. Visualizing this research data for a paid fee is usually within the reach of large businesses as they must at all times be in the know as far as what they competitors are doing on social media area.

For example: promotions, new campaigns, new price sets, how popular is a particular social media marketing campaign. You can and should also utilize your competitor’s social media marketing strategies. You can visit this website to learn more:

Furthermore, realize that you actually can manually analyze your competitors social media presence, because most of the data these large social analytic platform offer you is actually freely available to general public. Meaning, you can visit your competitors social profiles and dig deep within those social profiles.

For example: majority of YouTube videos have statistics made available public by the channel owner. You can then analyze these stats to see how your competitors are interacting on social platforms like YouTube. Keeping an close eye on the video views, likes, dislikes, shares and critically communication which are usually visible through comments and replies. Similar analysis can be made through Facebook and Twitter. Although almost all of the data will be available for you to analyze and research, you should definitely research the communication which is taken place on these platform. To learn more about what that means simply browse through “How to SEO related videos” that can be found at:

These videos also contain all of the video statistics for public to view and research, and this is true for almost all of the popular videos on YouTube.

Because you need to understand that it is more important to analyze your ideal customer’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes and aspirations, because only then can you create your landing pages according to what you have identified as important for your ideal customers.

Above all else remember, many social media analytics can show you stats in form of numbers, but your ultimate online success will be dependent on your ability to provide answers, solutions to your customers. That is why, although all of the tools available for analyzing your competitor’s social media for SEO are plentiful, none of them can reveal the human element which is critical for you to research and provide solutions for.

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