CREATIVE Social Media Marketing For Beachbody Coaches

CREATIVE Social Media Marketing For Beachbody Coaches
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CREATIVE Social Media Marketing for Beachbody Coaches

What’s up everybody it’s Coach Caleb from!

I was reading in the book Thinking for a Change by John C Maxwell, and the concept of creative thinking really jumped out at me, and I want to give you Beachbody Coaches and leaders and entrepreneurs a really clear illustration of the point he was trying to make. This might speak to a lot of you. Like the vast majority.

Check this out. Shakeology advertising on Social Media.

Shakeology selfie. “ermegersh, love my Shakeology. It’s the healthiest meal of the day. Where would my life be without shakeology? I love it so much! You need Shakeology!”


Yo! Shakeology. I drink this superfood smoothie every day and it’s literally changed my life! BURP. (earthquake echo effect)

Now, which one of those approaches was more attractive?

“Ew. Caleb. Drinking shakeology, and burping like an animal, on camera, and posting it…is not attractive.”

Okay that may be true, but which one will you remember more? Which one made you REACT?

I’m gonna say, because there was some creative thought invested into it, your attention was DRAWN to the BURP because it was DIFFERENT. Everybody posts stupid selfies with their Shakeology, and there’s nothing creative about it because everybody does it.

When you pair creative thinking with your marketing, it’s magnetic, because it takes something that everybody’s seen before, a product or a concept or an opportunity, and it shines a different light on it. People can see it in a way they’ve never seen it before. It puts a fresh spin on old things. It keeps it exciting. It reveals something new and engaging. And that burp, paired with Shakeology, was probably not what you were expecting, and you’re gonna remember it because of that.

Ha! The point is, coaches: invest the time and effort and allow yourself to think CREATIVELY, about how you market and brand yourself and what you have to offer. What we have to offer is truly LIFE changing, but we’re missing out on so many opportunities to help people, because we just keep posting the same generic crap, over and over and over, and as true as your message may be, nobody’s drawn to it because it’s flat.

Use your creativity to speak LOUD (BURP) and CLEAR.

That’s all for today folks! If you’re out there watching me from a distance, and you’re thinking about becoming a coach, I know it’s scary to take that first step, but I want to encourage you to reach out and talk to me on social media. I’d love the opportunity to invite you to become a coach with our family of leaders.

Love you guys, peace!
Coach Caleb

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