Devumi Vs Random Social Media Marketing Company

Devumi Vs Random Social Media Marketing Company
– What makes Devumi different than the thousands of other social media marketing companies out there?

Devumi covers you from all angles with dozens of high-quality social media boosting and marketing services that include a extended warranties and a 100% money-back guarantee.

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So what did Devumi and Random Social Media Company say in the video? Here’s the transcript:

Hi! I’m Devumi – the industry leading Social Media Marketing company.
And I’m a random Social Media marketing company out to make a quick buck.
Hey Devumi – did you know that I now sell followers for Twitter?
No way random guy! Good for you. Do they look as real as ours?
Real? Pfft. Who says they need to look real?
Wait, so you mean your followers are those spammy looking eggs?
I prefer to think of them as “artistic profile pictures”.
That sounds less like a follower boost and more like a follower bomb.
Well, are you offering an auto engagement service like ours yet?
Auto-What again?
Auto Engagements. You subscribe once, and all of your tweets get automatically retweeted and favorited by active users. It makes you popular and helps you gain more exposure, sort of like stepping into the spotlight.
Wow, that sounds super awesome – I’ve never been in the spotlight.
Don’t worry random guy, you can try it too.
Whatever! I bet you’re super expensive.
Actually – I pride myself on being the most cost-effective company on the web! If my customers aren’t happy, neither am I.
Oh yeah? Well, I bet you can’t do more than just Twitter.
Of course I can.
Well, I offer YouTube views and Pinterest followers too – so HA
……… is that all?
Wait, you do more?
Absolutely! I can help with Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo, and even LinkedIn. Whether they need views, likes, retweets, followers, even re-pins and comments, I got them covered from every angle.
Gahh, that just sounds like so much work!
Best part? I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, complete confidentiality and a replacement warranty for every service I provide! You guys do that too, right?
What? I can’t afford that! No one is ever truly happy with my services.
Wait – are you admitting that I’m better than you?
…Shut up! You smell funny.
Hashtag winning
Moooooom, I want a spotlight!

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