Getting Started With Social Media For Business | Marketing Consultant NYC

Getting Started With Social Media For Business | Marketing Consultant NYC

Tim McGarvey is a marketing consultant in NYC that helps businesses leverage social media to attract new customers.

How do I get started using social media for my business?

I talk with people every day who have lots of question about using social media and are looking for solid information about how to use social media for their business.

One of the most common questions that people ask is “How do I get started using social media for my business?”

For many people, especially business owners there are two common issues that seem to have people stuck when it comes to actually getting started.

The biggest issue, although not always that one that you might talk about first, is actually the question if social media is just a big waste of time and if you really even need to bother. Will social media even do anything for my business? Can I even find new customers for my business this way?

You have all heard the staggering numbers of people who are using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube every day- and you know your customers are using it all day long. Do you really think that your customers are not using social media to make decisions about your business? So why not get started?

I know what it’s like to run a small business. You need new business and this takes time. You have to run your business – and find new business, at the same time. You can’t waste time running in circles. You don’t know if you’ll get any business this way. You aren’t comfortable doing something new, so you keep trying all the old ways that you used to get new clients. You keep hoping that these old ways will start working again.

People aren’t looking for your business the ways that they used to. The newspaper ads, the magazine ads, the yellow pages, the coupon mailers- are these even working?

Business has slowed- marketing has changed. Your customers are not where they used to be- and you need to be right there with them…you need to set up your shop right where they are every day.

There really is a better way. You know that you need to upgrade your marketing strategy to take your business to the next level- not just do you can survive in this economy- but so you can THRIVE no matter what happens next.

Make a Decision to Get Started Right Now. No excuses.

How many more leads and new customers would make a difference for your business this month? Would 5 new customers this month make a difference? What about 10? or 15?

It’s right there in front of you. Jump in.

You need to connect with your customers in the places online where they spend most of their time online. You will provide insight and real information about the things that they care about.

You already know this. You just need to decide and commit to getting started.

Check out the video here on this page to learn how to get started off using social media for your business.

Tim McGarvey is a marketing consultant in New York City. Tim helps businesses attract mroe new customers with social media platforms. For more information you can visit the website:

Tim McGarvey Marketing Consultant
(646) 435-0119

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