My Views On The SNAP IPO & How To Make Money Off SnapChat & Social Media Marketing

My Views On The SNAP IPO & How To Make Money Off SnapChat & Social Media Marketing
People want to know what I think about the snap IPO and snapchat as a company so I discuss my views and even prices I like them out. I also explain in the second half how to make money off of snapchat and social media marketing. Given it is related to the topic of snap as a whole and a lot of people have been asking me similar questions I thought I would shed some light on the topic! I don’t go too much in depth as far as the tools you can use to build up snapchat and other social media accounts, so don’t expect to get any secret snapchat tips or anything like. This is just a brief overview into how making money through online advertising and social media marketing works. If you guys are interested in this topic let me know and I will make more videos on it!

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