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4 Week Social Media Marketing Plan by NurKom Promotions!

The advancement of technology and the materialization of internet marketing forced the organizations, be it domestic or multinational, to adjust their marketing plans with the changes of the online marketing in order to develop the company or organization as a whole.

Along the line, social media marketing has been on rage for the last couple of years now. These social platforms were invented and mostly used for personal information sharing, whereas these days, they have become something much more premium and much more important with their corporate and business background.

Now, for any dedicated campaign, ensuring the maximum visibility and customer engagement is one of the prime aspects. On that note, with the development of social media, nothing can catch up to the enormous reach of social media in marketing right now. After the process of segmentation, companies need to target the audience with a proper set of strategies, and with the selection of the preferred target market, they need to position themselves in the marketplace according to their mission and vision.

We at NurKom Promotions follow the infallible AIDA model to reach our customer’s specific objective/s. AIDA – “Attention, Interest, Desire and Action” is one of the best possible marketing methods to create awareness, educate the customers, produce longing amongst the customers, and finally make them go for the purchase.

With the particular intention of helping the companies through the complex and optimized set of social media marketing approaches, NurKom Promotions came up with a “4 Week Campaign” to help them to reach their targeted customers and finally improve their sales.

Almost everyone in this whole wide world is familiar with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth. Each and every of these platforms are dominating the virtual world with their very own exclusivity. The scenario is also true from the other side of the coin – the customers.

Who are your target customers? Which social media platform do they use most? What type of content do the targeted customers prefer most? – These are some of the crucial questions that need to be answered before formulating the social media plan.

Here are some of the monstrous advantageous facts of social media:

For most visibility and in the department of users, Facebook is still the monarch of social media. Moreover, they also introduced the Business Page section. Visuals are very important in copying social media messages for Facebook. According to Facebook, there are 1.49 billion 968 million of daily active users of which 844 million use Facebook daily on their mobiles. 66% male and 77% female use Facebook.
According to the latest study for Facebook, the percentage of middle age to later age group of people is higher than the younger generation in the United States. This vast number of active users can easily be a huge asset for any company that wants to create awareness and get customer feedback regularly.

Twitter’s features are Tweet, Retweet, Direct Messaging, Follow People and Trending Topics, Links, Photos, Videos. With 316 million monthly users, Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in USA. There are about 500 million tweets sent per day. A large chunk of the Twitter users are the younger generation.

Instagram is the best tool out there for high efficiency in interactions and engagement rate. This mobile only app has more than 200 million users and it’s a great tool for promoting images and videos. This application is very popular with teenagers in USA and Canada.

One of the major advantages of promoting products or services on YouTube is that the tagging and algorithm of YouTube videos will be found on Google search engine easily. However, the most essential info is that the promoted videos never die. Free video uploading, huge audience, user-friendliness, easy routing feedback and other awe-inspiring options will facilitate any company to promote their products on YouTube.

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NurKom Promotions has a wide variety of packages, long-standing experience and a delighted set of continuing customers. You are guaranteed to achieve your social media goal(s) with us!

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