Portland Social Media Marketing – Portland SEO Pros 503-468-5522

Portland Social Media Marketing – Portland SEO Pros 503-468-5522
Portland Social Media Marketing

Are your competitors using social media? Could your company increase your revenue by properly implementing social media?
We offer a service that can help you. Our social media posting service will keep your company engaged with your social media audience, without all the hassle of logging in and posting to the various social media accounts daily.
How it works:
First, we will set up your social media dashboard where you will be able to view everything going on with your account. You will connect your social media accounts to your dashboard so you can control everything from one place. If you don’t already have social media accounts, we will help you get that going as well.
Next, you will fill out our “Business Profiler Questionnaire.” In this form, you will tell us all about your business so we will know just what type of content to post. You can also upload photos, logos, etc that you would like integrated into your campaign.
We will get to work creating your content. We create your content at least 7 days in advance, so you will have a chance to preview or change it before it goes live.
We will have three weeks to get everything setup before you start paying your monthly fee.
Whats not included.
Because we schedule our content at least a week in advance, we cannot make posts about current news items or short lived events such as sales or quick promotions. You will be able to easily schedule these kinds of posts from your control panel.
We do not interact with your audience or react to comments, questions, or complaints about your business. This is simply a posting service.
We do not actively target new followers to your social media accounts. This is simply a posting service.
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