Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents: How To Get An Automated Stream Of Leads

Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents: How To Get An Automated Stream Of Leads

If social media has now become by far the most powerful and effective lead generation and business building tool in the world, how much money are you making from social media? And why do so many real estate agents feel like it’s a total waste of time? The truth is, right now social media and video marketing are the easiest, cheapest, and yes the fastest way to generate qualified leads that convert into sales.

In this video I’m going to show you why you are not getting results from the explosive opportunity in social media and I’m going to show you how you can immediately start to leverage the massive power of social media, video marketing and content marketing to create a steady stream of new leads and sales in your real estate business. Over time you will even build a real estate empire in your community using nothing but a strategic social media marketing system as your sole source of lead generation.

You have probably already heard that Facebook is either the number one or number 2 most visited site in the world. And that the number of users on Facbook has grown to the size that if it were a country it would be the third largest country in population in the world next to China and India. Did you know that 27% of all the time of all internet users in the United States is spent on social sites? 27% of time online in the U.S. is spent on social sites Already last year Facebook active users past the 1 billion mark and mobile users increased by 61% over the previous year. And these are not just teenagers. These are people of all ages. Active usage of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is now growing fastest among older age groups. Interestingly more and more people are accessing these sites from mobile devices. As the sales of Iphones and Android phones and tablets increases mobile video engagement has surged by 300%.

People who are right now looking for a new home are searching on Pinterest for furniture or draperies and end up finding your Pinterest pins about houses for sale. Moreover, people are actually searching for homes for sale on Pinterest and find your photos that take them to your web site or directly to your contact information. All of our strategies are proven and designed to bring more targeted prospects to your network and out of that expanding network more people who are interested in buying or selling a new home see your authority presence and choose to contact you. You never have to spam or cold call them.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus, Pinterest and Youtube are the primary social sites that we use to help you generate leads. Each of these sites can be an extremely effective source for getting new clients.

Did you know that you can easily outsource all the social media marketing to someone else and it costs less than mailing a small batch of postcards or running a newspaper ad? If you want measureable results using the most cost effective comprehensive marketing strategy available, nothing beats using our social media management service

To find out how to get all this done for you and start generating an unstoppable stream of new leads and sales from social media visit our web site above.

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