Social Media Marketing Is Boring – How To Drive Sales & Conversions

Social Media Marketing Is Boring – How To Drive Sales & Conversions
Someone recently dropped a comment stating that they felt social media was boring.

Now I think they realize Social Media Marketing is a necessity, I think they realized it’s going to be a big part of whatever you do online, but they just didn’t enjoy doing it and found it boring.

In today’s video were going to be covering some tips which will help anyone and everyone with their social marketing, but especially those who are bored by it or even just overwhelmed by it.

Here’s just a few tips…

1. Pick a niche your either passionate about or knowledgeable about. It will be much easier to create content. You already have the info in your head, no need to research it. Also if you enjoy it it won’t seem as much like work.

2. Pick 3 social networks to focus on. Nobody can possibly focus on every social media platform out there ie Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc, etc, etc. Pick 3 and focus on those. Automate the others.

3. Automation. While you do want to maintain a real presense and engage with people, much of your social media activity can be automated.

4. Outsource your social media marketing and management and pay someone else to do it. Doesn’t have to be a big expensive ad agency, can be your teenage nephew or niece or kid n ext door. Teens are social media wizards and will work for cheap.

Hopefully these strategies help you engage with your audience and niche better and without driving you crazy or making you feel overwhelmed

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