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Social Media Marketing
Bridges human and machines
The importance of social media marketing for businesses has become an essential part of online marketing strategy due to its cost effectiveness and large target audiences. Social media is no longer an option; it is a necessity in the online marketing world. Any businesses that want to compete in the marketplace needs to take advantage of social media marketing. Expert Marketing Guru Pte Ltd is experienced when it comes to social media marketing. We have a deep understanding on how to market business effectively on major social network including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. To make sure you board the train and harness the power of social media, do get in touch with us soon!

Say No to DIY Social Media Marketing
he biggest mistake businesses make when marketing on social media is to implement it alone. They have the impression that they know their way around facebook etc and they are more than capable to manage their own social media marketing.This is the common mistake made by small businesses and entrepreneurs because they are untrained and uneducated in this field. By jumping into social media with the aim of delivering successful engagement will be futile. This is where we come in to provide professional expertise to ensure your social media campaign is able to achieve results. For social media campaign to be successful you must incorporate it into your daily life and this requires a serious commitment. Time will definitely be consumed and will take a large chunk of your schedule so you have to make sure it doesn’t affect your business. Engage us and we will do everything for you so you can do what you do best.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Benefits are real and highly achievable if you receive the right expertise from professional social media marketers. It is very accessible and is regard as an important tool to allow communication with your clients on your products or services. Relationship creation with new customers will be presented upon and this will lead to exposure of your company. For Expert Marketing Guru Pte Ltd, we believe and understand that interactions must be set in place for people to follow your company. It must have a personality with fans and followers to share the posts. When you engaged us to manage your social media account, rest assured that we will continue to strive and achieve results for you. Regardless of your company size and industry, we will be able to help you.

Video Production
Video plays an important part of seo and the number of businesses who uses it is on the rise. Generally video are usually used to compliment or upgrade the static content on websites etc. The impact is too great to ignore and the potential to generate traffic to your website is huge. From not necessary to must have tools in the marketing market and in fact any businesses not using it is considered as behind competition. Many startup companies spread their brand and businesses effectively through the harness of video.

The Power of Online Video
The importance of online video is based on statistics where there are over 1 billion visitors to youtube every month accompanied by viewing on facebook etc. These videos are shared on twitter every one minute. This popularity will increase with time so does the demand for content thus an opportunity for businesses are available. In order to reach target audiences in an effective manner, online video must be created. youtube is about 30% of all goggle searches which signify the power of online video. For example, google loves video and favor video over written content so your website with video will be more likely to be ranked on google’s first page!

Video Boosts SEO
Online video and seo despite being a good combination to create awareness is still being ignored by businesses and marketers. The fact that this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of should not be missed. However online video is not just about shooting a video and upload it to your website. It can be use for search engines as well. Expert Marketing Guru Pte Ltd is well verse in producing online video that are optimized for searches. We deliver quality video on any platforms that you required.

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