Best Law Firm Website Designs 1 | Samson Consulting

Best Law Firm Website Designs 1 | Samson Consulting
Nicholas Jervis, Director of Samson Consulting presents the first video in the series of the best law firm website designs. To sign up the full series visit –

Welcome to the first best law firm website design video in the series!

In this video Nicholas describes how the word ‘solicitor’ can make your legal website design stand out from the crowd.

Many law firm websites do not use the word ‘solicitor’ anywhere on their website.

If your website doesn’t have a logo or a strap-line or have the term ‘solicitor’ anywhere near it, then the first thing you can do to make a difference to your legal website, is simply to make sure the word ‘solicitor’ appear very close to the top left corner of your screen.

This tells people you are a trusted solicitor, it tells people you are qualified and it tells people you are professional.

Takeaway: Make sure the word ‘solicitor’ appears at the top of your home page and across each page of your legal website.

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