F# Web Development With Ryan Riley

F# Web Development With Ryan Riley
Join the local meetup in Portland, OR, USA! See 

Let’s meet up and chat about F# in the web world.

**Update** We will be meeting at 6PM and pizza will be provided by our wonderful hosts at InComm. Ryan will join us via Google Hangouts at 6:30 to give his presentation. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ryan Riley (@panesofglass) is a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of ‘01, a Visual F# MVP, and Engineer for Tachyus, a start-up using F# to profoundly revolutionize the oil & gas industry. He runs the Community for F# virtual user group and serves on the management committee for the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) specification.

F# on the Web

Most people think of F# as good at math or complex problem solving. It is actually a fantastic for a very wide array of tasks, including web programming, which helped the start-up Tachyus go from 0 to production in 12 weeks. In this talk, we’ll compare and contrast a web application written in familiar C# patterns with various features provided by F#, including function composition, computation expressions (async), type providers, and active patterns. We’ll also cover differences in application design patterns.

Since Ryan is remote, we’re going to host this in Google Hangouts, so even if you’re not able to physically make it to the hangout, come join us! It is going to be a great time. Looking forward to see everybody there!

InComm, our gracious sponsor, is having an open house on Monday the 18th and has invited everybody to attend. They have some open positions available, so check them out!


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