Flask Web Development In Python – 1 – Intro

Flask Web Development In Python – 1 – Intro
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Hello and welcome to my introduction to Flask. Flask is a web framework for the Python programming language. A lot of people are curious to know what the differences of Flask and other developmental frameworks, especially compared to the Python frameworks.

In this video, we cover what Flask is and how it compares to other frameworks, then we talk about how we set up our development server. We are going to be using a real server here for development, not a local setup.

We do this because, if you are trying to learn web development, then you must be interested in a live, real website. The problem with working on a local instance is then you have to transfer everything to an actual server. You will find very quickly that things work very different when you leave your home computer.

Hosts that I recommend:

digitalocean.com: (use these guys if you want just a small, cheap server /mo)

linode.com: (use these guys if you think your website will get more than 1k visitors a day, I prefer Linode to DO.)

pythonanywhere.com (use these guys for super easy setup, not recommended, however, for their downtimes, and some access restrictions as compared to your typical server.)

Sample code:

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