Freelancer Question – Client Websites With WordPress?

Freelancer Question – Client Websites With WordPress?
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If you are a web designer, developer or freelancer trying to make money, you may have wondered whether WordPress is the right option to build a client website.

For me, I can tell you that I fell in love after using it and centered my business around WordPress.

However, it is not right for everyone.


– Content-driven websites like blogs, news, tutorials
– Small business websites that are 5-10 pages (or more)
– Test multiple designs with WordPress themes
– Add functionality to your website with WordPress plugins


– Custom web app or service (like Twitter)
– Major e-commerce website with several shop items
– Simple website like landing page that is 1-2 pages
– Photo and video heavy websites
– Fully custom design

Ultimately I use WordPress for a number of reasons:

– It is free and open-source
– Easy to learn and use
– Great for building small business client websites
– Easy to use and customize
– Easy to manage once the client website is launched
– Easy to extend functionality with plugins

The nice thing is you can test out WordPress as a freelancer to see if it is right for you!

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