Frontend Web Development Training By Acadgild

Frontend Web Development Training By Acadgild
Frontend Web Development Tutorial

This training session Frontend Web Development Tutorial will give you an overview of the course. This training session covers Fundamentals and advanced topics of frontend web development course.

1. The fundamentals will start with introduction to HTML.
• How web works – Name server, Client server understanding URL, web request cycle and server vs client side languages
• How to code html? – Tags and Syntax, Doctype
• Skills Acquired – Knowledge of Web, HTML basics

2. After assessing HTML basics, the next module on html advanced will be covered and the following skills will be acquired
• Using Forms, tags and attributes and embedding web pages using iFrames

3. Developing Web page layouts is followed by styling them using CSS
4. If CSS gives you the ability to style web pages, CSS 3 takes this to the next level
5. Layout and styling ae of no use without dynamic interactivity on websites
• JavaScript – What is Java script, data types, operators, function basics, writing first program, using browser console, dev tools, and examples of data types
6. Conditions and literature are an integral part of a programming language, and so for Javascript
• JavaScript2 – Conditionals, iteration/loops, functions, scope, if, if/Else, Else-if, switch, while, do while for and for-in and arguments (unnamed)
7. JavaScript – DOM, DOM manipulation, Event Form Validation, types of events
8. Dependency on plugins has made web development difficult – Html 5 APIs solves this problem

Advanced JavaScript: Learning JavaScript is incomplete without exploring the object oriented features of JS.
• What is Object Oriented Programming
• Inner Function and Closures
• Creating Objects
• Inheritance
• Deep Copy and Shallow Copy

So go through the entire to video to learn JQuery, BootStrap, AngularJS and also know that how acadgild training sessions from others.

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