How To Start Freelancing After Coding Bootcamp

How To Start Freelancing After Coding Bootcamp
Some would say that I made a “ballsy” decision to freelance immediately after Coding Bootcamp. For me, it was a lot easier and more fulfilling than applying to an agency to work 9-5. I have other gigs I do on top of freelance web development but I am happy to share my experience and tips as a freelancer straight out of coding bootcamp.

Important points I discuss are:
1) Tell everyone what you’re doing – don’t be shy! This will help you get clients and referrals.
2) Develop a process for your Web Dev work and interaction with clients.
3) Be confident and do NOT undercharge your services. That is the biggest mistake new freelancers do — it’s true, ask Mr. Google!

I hope my explanations help shed some light! Let me know if you have any other video recommendations. I will definitely revisit this topic to provide more details and personal stories of mine.

Happy Sunday!


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