Jinja Templating – Django Web Development With Python 3

Jinja Templating – Django Web Development With Python 3
Welcome to part 3 of our Django web development with Python tutorial. Now that we have a basic understanding of how Django works, let’s try to build a very basic type of website. For this, we’re going to build a very simple personal website that basically gives a sort of “about me,” along with a blog. As simple as this may sound, it will actually let us exercise quite a few Django principles, ending with beginning a content management system, like a blog. We will also get to explore a bit about design.

At the moment, if we attempt to visit our homepage we get a 404, since we have nothing corresponding to it. Let’s go ahead and make a new app, calling it personal, since this is our personal website.

python manage.py startapp personal

Sample code and text-tutorial:


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