JQuery With Flask – Flask Web Development With Python 32

JQuery With Flask – Flask Web Development With Python 32
In this Flask web development tutorial, we’re going to cover how to incorporate jQuery with our Flask application. The idea for this is to create a more interactive web application. With jQuery, you will be able to allow for elements and parts of your web page to be changed, in accordance with backend processes, without needing to actually refresh the web page.

Allowing for asynchronous loading like this gives you quite a few gains. Immersion, interactivity, and ease of use all go up. Furthermore, speed is improved. Instead of everything needing to reload, just a specific element reloads/loads. Let’s consider a simple example, where we ask the user what the best programming language is. If they answer “python,” then they are obviously correct and we’ll display on the screen they are wise. If they answer anything else, we’ll prompt them to try again. Regardless of what they type, and the answer, we want to keep the page from reloading, and just use jQuery to make the magic happen.

Text-based tutorial and sample code:


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