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Some of the top qualities of a successful modern entrepreneur include agility, tenacity, innovation, and flexibility. An entrepreneur with the aforementioned qualities is likely to notice the subtle changes in the business environment early enough and consequently adopt accordingly. For instance, mobile devices have been steadily invading the business Internet space. According to StatCounter Global, 13% of the global Internet traffic today originates from handheld devices, which is a significant increase from the mere 1% experienced in 2009. This shows that such gadgets are a force to reckon with when it comes to e-commerce and are even likely to play a bigger role in the future. Keep reading to learn why a mobile website should be a top priority for a business.

Mobile Device Convenience

Most people love handheld devices because they are convenient to carry around and use. For example, one can use a smartphone or a tablet to compare products and services online, or read the latest news while, for example, stuck in traffic, shopping, or even at work. In fact, a survey carried out by ABI Research found that 51.5% of individuals involved in the survey own more than two portable devices.

Hold a Customer’s Attention Longer

The majority of people keep their portable devices within reach at all times and as such, a business would be able to engage its consumers for longer through such devices. For example, a business can hire a mobile website design agency to create a game that consumers can download as an application and play to earn discounts or gifts. Increased engagement translates into more sales leads and increased profitability.

Easy Consumer Reach

Handheld devices collect a lot of useful data that a business can leverage to understand its consumer preferences and buying trends. For example, a grocery store can use its mobile site to notify users of available products or discounts if they pass by any of its store branches. It would be virtually impossible to achieve the same goal by targeting desktop PC users.

Mobile E-commerce

Many people now use their mobile devices to shop online. A survey carried out by ComScore established that two-thirds of all smartphone owners have bought goods or services online. Figures published by eMarketer show that mobile commerce sales will top .84 billion by the end of 2013. This represents a 56.5% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2012.

Better Search Ranking

If you do not have a mobile website, some people may be unable to view your traditional site on their mobile devices or even if they do, they may be unable to access the whole site. This is because mobile devices have smaller screens and lower screen resolution. Now, such people are likely to head to other mobile friendly sites. As a result, your site will rank even lower on search engine results pages. In a highly competitive business environment, this could potential spell doom for your business.

Mobile website design is important whether you run an online store or a traditional mortar-and-brick business. Today, many people use their mobile devices to surf the Internet. In fact, research carried out by Flurry Analytics found that mobile device owners spend an average of 81 minutes online. On the other hand, desktop and laptop owners spend an average of 74 minutes online. Some of the benefits of having an efficient mobile website design include increased engagement, better search engine result pages ranking, mobile e-commerce, as well as the ability to reach consumers easily. Make sure to choose a mobile website design agency that will guarantee your results.


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