Question – Are Coding Bootcamps Good To Learn Web Development – Coding BootCamps Worth

Question – Are Coding Bootcamps Good To Learn Web Development – Coding BootCamps Worth
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Hey Jimmy,
Just wanted to say thanks for making these awesome videos. You have inspired me and educated me in many aspects of which path I am going to take into becoming a web developer.

I am a new Subscriber and so I haven’t gotten a chance yet to check out all your videos. What are your thoughts on Coding Boot Camps? If you don’t have a video on the boot camps could you make one? Or if you already have one could you direct me to it? I think they are a good idea however I am not sure if it is worth the money. Like how much would I be making right out of the boot camp? I live in Denver, Colorado. The one I found would cost about ,000 for 6 months and that’s including tuition, housing, food, etc. They help you find a job after and if you can’t within a certain amount of time they refund your tuition (,000) Thoughts?

My Answer to the Question is :
Best Coding Boot Camp and a 41 Weeks Course , But it is in New Zealand, Now You are in Which Country , and Remember One Thing Most of the Boot Camps Teach You Ruby on Rails Which is Not in Demand, Find a Boot Camp Which They Teach You PHP or JSP, Okey I Will Save the Rest for the Video, But Check the This Out,

It Cost You around 00 USD or around 00 NZ , My Best Bet for You is to Join a 41 Weeks DIPLOMA OF WEB DEVELOPMENT

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