Question: I Am 35 Years And Can I Come Into Web Development

Question: I Am 35 Years And Can I Come Into Web Development
👍HTML5 & CSS3:

You are Not Too OLD Even If You are 45 Still You Have a Career Change and Come into Tech Field Like Information Technology.
So Stop Trying to Find Excuse Not to Come to in Web Development.

Currently the Web Developer’s are in Huge Demand.
With in 3 to 6 Months You Can Become a Web Developer By Self Taught Your Self.
We Have So Many Free Resources on the Internet and First Take a Look at Code Academy.

#Second Join an Nanodegree in Front-End Web Development and Latter You Can Also Join the Full-Stack Nanodegree Which Will Teach You the Back-End Web Development.

Come in to Web Development is Not Hard But You Should Need Passion to Be Successful at it.
Start Learning HTML First than CSS than JavaScript.
Spend at Least 4 Hours a Day Learning Web Development Daily So You Can Be Web Developer and Age Really Don’t Matter, The Thing Matter is Do You Have the Skills or Not.

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