REST Services – Roadmap To Mobile Web Development

REST Services – Roadmap To Mobile Web Development
This video describes the topics that are covered in ZD326: REST web services for Ajax and mobile applications.

Examine how REST services provide a simple interface to server applications. Learn about the philosophy of Representational State Transfer. Examine how Ajax web applications call REST services.

This video is part of the Roadmap to mobile web development course, VW324.
Unit 1: Mobile web applications: an introduction
Unit 2: Ajax web application architecture
Unit 3: HTML5 and JavaScript
Unit 4: Dojo Toolkit JavaScript Framework
Unit 5: jQuery Mobile JavaScript Framework
Unit 6: REST services: Server side applications
Unit 7: Using CSS styles to create responsive mobile web experiences
Unit 8: IBM Worklight Mobile Application platform
Demo 1. Dojo Toolkit and jQuery Mobile Web applications
Demo 2. Calling server applications with REST services

Presented by: Warren Fung, IBM WebSphere Education

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