Service Oriented Web Development With OSGi

Service Oriented Web Development With OSGi
OSGi is complicated, complex and requires too much coding? Whether you think that’s true or whether you are interested in seeing live how easy it is to develop a web application with OSGi, this session is the place to go to.
During the talk a web application based on OSGi services will be developed leveraging the latest OSGi specifications, the Http Whiteboard Service (RFC 189) and updates to Declarative Services (RFC 190, RFC 208 and RFC 212). The used implementations are well known projects from The Apache Software Foundation. Learn how to leverage the annotation based development which is very easy to use but also very powerful. Apart from developing the application, open source tooling based on the Eclipse IDE will be demonstrated making the life of a developer much easier. Of course, important topics like configuration and management of the web application are covered as well.

Carsten Ziegeler

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