Should I Learn Java For Web Development?

Should I Learn Java For Web Development?
Should I learn Java for web development?

It is a good object oriented language to learn. It is used almost everywhere.

So I guessed, based on how often I see Java string errors on various websites and apps.

Java is more often relied upon for the Android phone, while Objective C is used on the iOS. However, Java is used for web based applications that run on any hardware as well.

I’ve heard some people say I should learn JavaScript or Ruby on Rails another language.

Ruby on Rails has been one of the big tools used by Silicon Valley startups. However, sites like Twitter and Groupon move to another platform and language once they get really big.

I’ve heard of a lot of languages that use the Java Virtual Machine.

JVM is one of the standard interoperable code processors. And Java has massive code libraries you can rely upon.

That’s one of the main attractions of Java.

Java probably has the largest open source library around. And Java can probably do everything you want done, though scientific computing and modeling can be hard.

Someone told me to learn Python or PHP for web development.

That’ll manage the server, but it won’t build an app that runs in a browser or create good interactive websites.

I thought PHP was for content management systems.

It is, but you don’t need to know it if you want to do web development. If you want to run a content management system, learn Joomla or WordPress, not PHP.

You said Java is used on the Android. What if I wanted to work on Windows mobile?

No one wants to work on Windows mobile. Not as a programmer or as a user.

Then it sounds like Java is a good way to go.

And you can design PC applications as well as web apps, so you have a broader employment market.

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